Wholesale Broker

BlueIron focuses on IP-related insurance – and nothing else. We partner with the best commercial lines retail brokers to provide this specialty insurance for your Insureds. Our knowledgeable staff are always available to help explain the risks and the products to your clients. Since we do not offer any other insurance products, we do not compete with you.

We know this industry segment because we practice in it. Russ Krajec is a registered patent attorney, Certified Patent Valuation Analyst, one of IAM’s Top 300 Patent Strategists, and a licensed insurance broker. We provide IP-related due diligence services to investors, such as angel investors, private equity, and venture funds.

As a wholesaler, our expertise in IP law helps you close the sale. We can help you identify which of your current clients are exposed to IP-related risks – so you are better able to articulate the need for these policies. We are always available to consult on sales calls.