BlueIron, LLC is a patent finance company and independent insurance agency. We operate both as a direct retail broker for placing IP-related risks into the insurance market, as well as a wholesale agency to assist retail brokers in this hard-to-understand market.

About a dozen or so companies offer IP-related insurance products, and each focus on different types of risks they want to insure. Some companies focus on patent trolls, while others focus on risks from competitors. Some MGAs have an intense focus on trade secrets, while others prefer general IP-related policies. Still, some companies offer products for enforcing IP against others, while other insurance companies avoid that risk completely.

There are two steps to providing the right insurance: finding out what risks exist for a company, then matching their risks with the right policy. Most of the IP-related insurance policies have a lot of flexibility in crafting the right coverage, so it is essential to have an IP expert negotiating with the insurance underwriters about your policy.

Russ Krajec is a registered patent attorney and CEO of BlueIron, LLC. He is the author of “Investing in Patents,” a prolific blogger on IP topics, an active angel investor, and one of IAM’s Top 300 Patent Strategists. Russ’s podcast, Patent Myths, debunks much of the “conventional wisdom” of the patent community.

As CEO of BlueIron and a practicing IP attorney, Russ is able to negotiate directly with insurance underwriters to write the perfect policy tailored for every situation. He is also in a unique position to help you identify which risks are important to cover – and which risks are not worth the trouble, based on your specific situation.

Russ has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a JD from Denver University. With 20+ years as a practicing patent attorney, he has deep knowledge of the risks and travails of companies who negotiate the IP landscape.